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About Nobody Told Me I Couldn't...

Since I will be publishing Nobody Told Me I Couldn't..., my first children's project in the very near future, I thought that I would go ahead and share the story about how I was inspired to write it. The title of this book came from one of my mother's inspirational talks in 2005 and was written at a time when I doubted my creative abilities. "According to the laws of aerodynamics", she shared, "a honeybee is disproportionate for flight, yet it flies." I had found that particularly fascinating because the last time I had checked, honeybees fly quite well. I grew increasingly curious about them and conducted months and months of research about their life cycle, hive life, you name it. Then I began sketches for a new project:

Ben, the original hero of the tale.

But all of the excitement over my new project was about to be met with bad news. In 2006, CNN broadcast the disturbing report that the honeybees were vanishing because of a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder. Infected worker bees would leave the hive and not return. This is the phenomenon that was the TIME magazine August 2013 cover story: The most disturbing news was the adverse effect that their extinction would have on the world's food supply.

First Buddy sketch

Buddy 2.0

Buddy 2.0

I had always wanted to use my love of art and storytelling to leave a lasting impact on anyone who reads my work, so I revised my script. I wanted the honeybees to survive (I still do. I just love honey), so I created a race where a variety of beneficial insects race one another to show off their unique abilities. I made them all different to illustrate how there are a variety of people in the world. Each bug has a unique purpose just like each person who is here - to make a contribution to the world that rest of us can't live without. This is especially true of honeybees. Because if it were not for their hard work there would not be so many great fruits and vegetables for everyone to enjoy.

I conducted many years worth of research about the nature and life cycle of each insect, so that I could put together a realistic and enjoyable story for people of all ages I truly hope that everyone who reads it will come to love the heart of Buddy Cloverfield and to learn the true meaning of victory.



My Dad's New Invention

My dad is one of the most creative people that I know. He doesn't draw, or write poetry, or sing (well he sings...okay), but he always comes up with the most interesting food inventions. Last night, he invented the peanut butter and ham sandwich! NOW THAT's CREATIVE! I couldn't have come up with a more creative dinner solution myself. I texted my sister about it. She compared it to Elvis's peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Nah. I think that this sandwich is way more inventive. As a matter of fact, I might even make one for myself just to test it out!

Welcome to My Blog.

YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Now that I've figured out Squarespace works, I can make blog entries.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope that you'll enjoy your visit even more than I enjoyed creating it.


It Always Rains...

...on Memorial Day. And today is no exception. I had hoped to go to the arts festival today, but that is out of the question. There is plenty of barbeque though - spare ribs, baked beans, potato salad, hotlinks, bologna, and apple crumb pie - the perfect feast to celebrate those who have sacrificed their lives so that people around the world would be able to enjoy freedom. I hope that your Memorial Day is happy! Be safe.