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A Victory and More Obstacles

It has been two years since I published my first children's book for kids aged 8 and up as a Kindle e-book just in time for my mother's birthday, which was perfect since her words were the inspiration for it! You can read more about it here: The road to its publication was filled with numerous obstacles - individuals who  did not wish to see it published, the lack of understanding of people who did not realize its importance, and unexpected changes in my life - some of which I enjoy (inspiration for more work). The path to the publication of this book also challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to go for what I know. And I was also challenged by enemies who showed me the value of my talent, which was a push in a positive direction and I don't intend to turn back.

Thanks go out to everyone who helped me get it out there and to everyone who gave me positive feedback. Five stars on is always encouraging ;). (I know that emoticon winky thing is ancient, but it's what I've got). 


A five star rating is always very encouraging. Much love!

A five star rating is always very encouraging. Much love!

A New Cover for My E-book for Kids and Turquoise Blue

I finally finished the e-book cover for "Nobody Told Me I Couldn't..." and I am absolutely ecstatic and exhausted! I know. It looks very different from the checkered flag design that I originally had posted on my books page, I had to make sure that it was vivid and would stand apart from other book covers. All of the "happy colors" are included...

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