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What is True Friendship?

In my last blog entry, “Friend or Foe?” I wrote how we, more often than not, mislabel and misjudge others. In this entry, I’ve explored what is to be a friend.

I once overheard someone I considered a friend say, “Jane Doe is my friend. She does what I want.” I thought to myself, “I’m your friend”. Then I asked myself, “Have they stopped to consider what I want or what I need to do?” The question begs to be answered. How many people out there in the big wide world really know what it means to be a friend? From my most recent experiences, not many.

A true friend does not always go along with what you want them to, especially if it is wrong. A true friend will tell you what you need to hear even if it hurts your feelings. True friends rejoice in one another’s good fortune and accomplishments. They forgive one another and also love on one another even when they are being un-loveable. A true friend will consider the outcome of their actions where the other person is concerned by placing them in that person’s shoes and will be willing to reason with them when they are at odds with them. A true friend is not a convenience, they are not your yes person and they have a right to tell you, “No.” After all, they are your friend. If you are their friend you will try to understand. If you are their friend, you will also consider their good fortune a blessing, not resent them or view them as your competitor or try to pull them down, but you will allow them to blossom and to pull you up instead. Keep in mind that friends push and pull one another up. If you are someone’s friend, you will learn if they are truly yours in these instances by how they react to your good fortune.

Sadly, most of us will never be fortunate enough to encounter even one friend in this life. Take the above into account and consider it. Then evaluate your relationships. Are you a true friend or do you have true friends? Life if too tough and too short not to be true blue. Each and every one of us needs a friend.