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Victory. What is it?

Face off!

Victory. What is it? It can mean overcoming an obstacle, defeating an enemy, fulfilling a dream, or just being the best at what you do. However, life is usually viewed as a competition and it teaches us that there are only winners and losers. If you are the first racer to make it to the finish line, then you are considered a winner and victory is yours hands down. The spectators will believe that this is due to your superior abilities. So you are considered to be better than your so-called competitors. But are you really?

I have learned that the meaning of victory is determined by the individual. The most challenging obstacles for us to overcome are often created by us. It can be our sense of self worth, or our false perceptions about other people and who they are, which is why there are people who believe that they are qualified to determine what it means to be a winner or even who should be allowed to enjoy the fulfillment of their goals and dreams.

Life was not designed to be a competition. It presents enough challenges to every one of us that are beyond any one person's control. Victory equals being an overcomer. That is what defines us as winners.