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A New Cover for My E-book for Kids and Turquoise Blue

The original book cover

New and improved book cover

I know. It looks very different from the checkered flag design that I originally had posted on my books page, but I had to use a little extra creativity to make sure that it was vivid and would stand apart from other e-book covers. Rania, the queen bee of Cloverfield hive as well as all of the "happy colors" are included not to mention my absolute favorite color - turquoise! The world would be a sad place without turquoise. What would a sunny day be without a bright turquoise blue sky? And it's the only bright color that I know of that is considered neutral. Reminds me of honey bees, and lots of fun. I hope you like what you see. Remember, you can read an excerpt from the book on Goodreads at: , and drop my a line.